Website by Kayley Wagner - Bartlett Chapel

Their website was in serious need of help. The homepage was a blast from the past: it reminded me of my childhood coding days from the late-90s… A repeated cloud background;  a dozen read buttons on the left simulated their navigation structure; no sense of visual hierarchy. There was no “About Us” page, yet any other piece of information you could want (or not want) was displayed prominently on the homepage for all to see. The church’s numbers were dwindling. They needed to act fast.

Being a fellow Bartlett member myself, I knew how wonderfully inviting everyone is, but how could potential newcomers discover this when they couldn’t find the street address on our website? Taking it upon myself to bring the website into the 21st century, we narrowed down the content to information that would be important for new visitors to know. If someone wants to see a list of the 20+ charities we support, they can call or email the office.

The pastor tells me monthly how new visitors found us through our website. That rarely happened before.

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